Acknowledgments & Legal

Would you like creating a skin for JMediaPlayer?

Nice program that animates photos of people making their eyes follow the mouse pointer

Software development
let me know your ideas for new freeware programs, or commission the development of a custom program for you

Special thanks go to who contributed to the project putting time and efforts to create a translation of the program:

Language Translator(s) Status
English English Jocker 2.10
French Français Colok http://www.colok-traductions.com 2.10
German Deutsch Peter Vieweger 2.10
Hungarian Magyar Apptransteam http://apptransteam.extra.hu 2.6
Italian Italiano Jocker 2.10
Polish Polski Tomasz Oruba 2.10
Portuguese (Brazilian) Português Brabol 2.9
Russian Русский Aleksey A. Pershin -
Arcadyi Otdelnov - http://godcat.1000mb.ru (until v2.9)
Spanish Español Rodrigo Merchán C.
Alejandro Cortes (until v2.5)
Swedish Svenska Lennart Pettersson 2.6
Turkish Türkçe Kenan Balamir - http://www.turkceyazilim.net 2.10

If you see that a translation is missing (or is very out of date) and you wish to make a translation for CodecInstaller please

Third party libraries
CodecInstaller's files analysis uses the following great components:
TrID, by Marco Pontello - a program to identify files from their binary signatures
TagLib#, by Brian Nickel - a library to extract meta tags from multimedia files

To access Microsoft DirectShow functionalities, CodecInstaller uses:
DirectShowNet - a DirectShow wrapper for .net framework

DirectShowNet library has been slightly modified. In accordance to the LGPL license, here is the modified source code.


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