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With Startup Delayer you can speed up Windows' boot time:
when Windows boots, it loads a lot of programs at the same time (ie: Antivirus, firewall, office quickstart bar, mouse manager, messenger...), which overworks the hard disk (it has to read simultaneasly from totally different parts of the disk) and saturates Ram and CPU (launching a new program is often resources expensive).
It's easy to understand that, in this way, boot is really slow.

With Startup Delayer instead you can set a delay time between the launch of every program to avoid overloading the system.
You can choose how the program's window will appear (maximized, minimized, hidden, normal) and set a different priority to the progam (low, below normal, normal, above normal, high, realtime).

Startup Delayer can also be used to load groups of programs.
Do you want to connect to the internet and open all the programs you'll need?
Easy: for example you just have to click on one icon to make Startup Delayer do all this: open the firewall, the internet connection, the email client, the browser, the news feeder... You'll have the full control of what you want to be loaded.

The 2.X version has been greatly improved. If you are a 1.X user, be sure to download it now.
StartupDelayer is available in English, French, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese and Russian.


Operating System: Windows 98 - ME - NT 4(service pack5) - 2000 - XP - 2003
Libraries: you will need the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or higher freely downloadable from Microsoft.com site


Startup Delayer 2.0.3



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