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.net frameworkTo run the programs you can find on this site, you will need Microsoft .Net Framework installed on your PC.
Every program will work with .Net version 2.0 (or higher)

What is the .NET Framework?
The .NET Framework is an integral Windows component required to run the several programs developed with .net technology.
The supported operating systems are Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista

How to get the .Net Framework?
Microsoft .Net Framework is freely downloadable from microsoft.com website or from Windows Update service. You can also find direct download links at the end of this page.

Why do I need it?
If you want to use the programs available on this and several other sites, you'll need .net framework on your computer. It is probable that you already have it: in this case you don't have to do anything special. The simplest way to know if you have to install .net framework is to try to execute one of my programs. If it won't run.. then you'll have to install .net framework :-)
A more precise method consists on using this tool that will tell you which .net framework version you have on your system.

Are you unsure about which version you should dowload? If you don't know your computer architecture please download .net framework 2.0 32bit or use windows update.

.Net Framework 2.0 (for 32bit architectures - x86):

.Net Framework 2.0 (for 64bit architectures - x64):

.Net Framework 2.0 (for 64bit architectures - IA64):



Now that you have installed the .Net Framework, you can fully enjoy the programs on this website!
Let's go to:


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