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What is Splitfile? :
SplitFile's goal is to split (chop) big file in smaller segments to be able to store them in floppy disks or CDs (these are just examples, the target size is fully customizable).
The main feature if compared to other programs like this, is the ability to support very large files( up to 9,223,372,036,854,775,807 bytes = 8589934591 GB , theoric) and to being configured to increase performances if used with fast disks ( adjusting the read and write buffer up to 32 times the commonly used value).


SplitFile is not:
SplitFile isn't a specific video or audio editing program: you'll be able to playback files split with SplitFile only after merging them. SplitFile is a generic splitting program for any file, and single parts of a file normally cannot be used alone.
If you want to split a video file in more parts, while being able to playback them, you'll have to use a specif video editing program such as VirtualDub while to split audio files in several autonomous parts you can use Audacity

Operating System: Windows 98 - ME - NT 4(service pack5) - 2000 - WindowsXP
Libraries: SplitFile is written in C#, so you need the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or higher, freely downloadable from Microsoft.com site, installed on your system


current version: SplitFile 1.5


keywords: split file , file chopper , filechopper , split on floppy , split big files, splitter, files utilities





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