Software development

I'm always open to suggestions about new programs to develop, and some of the programs you can find in these pages have been written starting from original ideas of this site’s visitors. JeniuS is the most evident example.
If you have an idea, if you have always dreamed a program that doesn't exist or that is too limited if compared to your requirements, let me know, and if I'll find it suitable, I'll develop and publish it as freeware along with the other programs on this site. I'll decide whether develop your program considering the effective utility of the program for a wide audience, my competence in that field and my interest for the project.

In case I do not consider suitable the program you had in mind, or if you wish a custom application made especially for you or if you need all the rights over the source code, I'm available to develop programs with reward. In this case, the only requirement before I'll accept the project is to be sure that I'll be able to fully complete it successfully and on time.
To protect our common interests (yours: receive the program you requested, without wasting your money; mine: be sure to receive the payment when the program is finished) the whole project can be put under the supervision of a neutral intermediary that will escrow the funds at the beginning of the project and release them at the end if everything went right, otherwise it will arbitrate in case of problems. The intermediary I chose is RentACoder, but I'm available to use the one you'll propose given that it guarantees the same protection [my profile on RentACoder].
As an alternative we can choose to use a milestones and incremental payments system.

Area of expertize:

Programming Languages:

C# (advanced), basic VB.Net Delphi and Java

Web Technologies:

ASP.NET, HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, XML, mod_rewrite, Silverlight


MySQL, MS Access, SQLite

Database access tools:

ADO.NET, PHP mysql/sqlite modules


.NET Obfuscators, Dreamweaver, Regular Expressions

For more details don't hesitate to contact me or filling the form at the end of this page.

If you instead would like to propose me a project, go to this page and click on 'Post a new project exclusively for Jocker'.

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